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About Us

Provisions Co.
Provisions Co. at 11 West Main Street in Troy, Ohio is a thoughtfully curated collection of goods designed to celebrate Ohio's history of innovation. Through our products, we aim to celebrate, connect with, and tell the story of the communities that we serve.
The goal of Provisions Co. is to share useful, high-quality and locally-made goods from Ohio and beyond with our customers. Our product collections include barware, kitchen goods, apparel and a full line of spirits by A.M. Scott Distillery.
The Story Behind the Name
"Mary was our first neighbor. She was a classy, heartfelt woman from Georgia who defined southern hospitality. She was a hospital executive by day, but by evening had a glass of white wine in hand, tended to her robust gardens, and her porch swing was always open for conversation.

While away on our honeymoon (ten years ago this fall), she gave us an "Old-Fashioned Pounding," a southern tradition this Ohio girl had never heard of. She told me it was a way of provisioning the home with pounds of flour, sugar, wine, coffee and other household staples. The goods that filled our cupboards were useful, a step above, a little unexpected and the thought was from the heart.

The word provision has stuck with me ever since. Provisions Co. was founded as an online shop in 2019, and soon it will be an in-person experience in Troy, Ohio. As you wander through the shop, my hope is you find our collections to have the same qualities – useful, a step above, a little unexpected and from the heart."
Jess Nielsen, Lead Curator